Hey teacher...

aren’t you tired of feeling so tired?

Learn how to take the exhaustion out of teaching...

And teach your students the true value of wellbeing (Without giving up your day job)

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As a hard-working, passionate teacher, you already know that educating the next generation is an energy-intensive job…

Here’s what you might

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not know

The state of “running on empty” that so many teachers live in doesn’t have to be the norm for you. Teachers are natural planners, organisers, and information-gatherers - and once you learn how to use those skills to your advantage, you’ll be unstoppable.

That’s what Energy By Design is all about.  


Here’s what I can

do for you

SHow you how to redesign your time

The way you spend your time becomes the way you live. Once you learn how to organise your schedule for maximum productivity, you’ll be able to make the most of the hours in the day (even when it seems like there’ll never be enough of them).

Lead you into alignment with your values

Raising the next generation to be intellectually, emotionally and physically well is a big job, but everything gets easier when you’re clear on your priorities. I’ll help you rediscover the most important things in your life so that you can give them the energy and attention they deserve. 

help you create systems to preserve your energy

Coming home exhausted each day might feel like just another part of your normal routine, but with the right systems in place, you’ll rediscover the joy of life away from work. 

remind you to make space for joy

True happiness often lies in the little things, and when you’re busy, these are often the first things to fall off the radar. The good news is, with a few small tweaks, you’ll find that you have more time and energy for joy in your life.


Even though maintaining your energy levels is a total no-brainer, putting the right systems and boundaries in place is anything but.

Ready to put the bounce back in your step?


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But where do you start?

Between action-packed classes, after-school meetings, and constant lesson planning, teaching is full of demands. If you’re anything like most teachers, you’ve learned the hard way that it’s easy to burn out, and hard to come back.  

Here’s why most teachers don’t put systems in place to protect their energy:

They’re either so invested in their students that they can’t imagine taking time to themselves, OR they’re already so deep into burnout that they don’t have the energy to make a change.


Here’s why that can be a HUGE problem

Burnout is an epidemic amongst teachers, and it’s not new. The same problems have plagued classrooms for decades - and unlike chalkboards, projectors, and other ancient relics, they won’t just disappear with time. 

You need to put your own sanity-saving systems in place, and you deserve to experience the benefits.  

Four reasons Most Teachers WON’T Get The Energy Boost They Need

(And how to guarantee you will)

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They put their students above everything else 

Passion for your students is a huge part of what makes you a great teacher - but if you constantly put your students’ needs above your health and personal relationships, you’ll be on the way to burnout. I’ll show you how to give yourself the same level of care and attention you give to your students.



They don’t know how to disengage  

Engaging with people when you’re exhausted is HARD - and when the demands keep coming, it only gets harder. I’ll give you some teacher-approved tips on switching off and recharging properly so that you can escape survival mode and thrive.



They’re stuck in the procrastination cycle

When you spend all day delivering content at the front of a classroom or on a screen, your evenings are eaten up by preparations for the next day. I’ll talk you through my strategies for shutting down procrastination and getting more done in less time so that you can get back to life after work.



They forget to add joy to their schedule 

Even as life seems to get bigger and busier each day, the small things are often the most important for our happiness and wellbeing. I’ll teach you how to create space in your busy schedule for the small things that bring you joy and build a life you don’t need to escape from.


Can I let you in on a

little secret?

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to be a great teacher…

In fact, the opposite is true: taking care of yourself will only make you better at your job. 

"Energy By Design was a game-changer. It made me reflect on how I was currently living my life, and how I actually wanted to be living it. Meg inspired me to bring awareness to my choices and make small, achievable changes that had an incredibly positive impact not only on my life but on those around me. I came away from the course feeling able to make better decisions, more confident in myself, and best of all, more energised. Meg was kind and compassionate, and her approach to wellbeing just made sense. The course was relatable, practical and based in psychology and neuroscience, with a good dose of warm humour too. There aren't too many experiences that have such a positive impact on your life, but for me completing Energy By Design was formative."

- Alice Goudie

“I completed Meg's "Energy by Design" course in April and as an educator and Dad, I found it to be a real game changer. It has really helped in making micro choices on a daily basis so instead of choices by default, I am now making more choices by design! I am teaching in a school with over 600 teenage boys so life can be busy at times but I am now using my energy more efficiently and becoming more aware of my "battery" and being more compassionate to myself thanks to what I have learned from Meg.”

- Hugh Fitzmaurice, Dublin

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A game-changing program for teachers who want to feel good and live better.

I've taken everything I've learned from my time studying wellbeing and teaching primary and secondary students across Australia’s east coast and funneled it into a five-module course. 

Inside, you'll learn the strategies that have helped countless teachers go from tired to totally energised - and because all great teachers are planners at heart, you’ll also get a step-by-step plan to help you implement the changes for good.  

The end result? More energy, less stress, and a foolproof formula for designing a life you love. 

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"I did Energy By Design at a time when I felt overwhelmed and that I was running around in circles and unable to catch my breath. The course provided me with the knowledge and practical tools that I now implement every day. My days are still busy but purposeful and full of meaningful connection. I would highly recommend Meg’s course to anyone wanting to reset and take stock. Look forward to starting afresh and feeling more in control, positive, able to juggle and adapt when things don’t go to plan."

Stephanie Davis

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is the first course of its kind that recognises the unprecedented demands you’re facing as an educator - and gives you the tools to manage them. 

It will help you to…

  • Come back from burnout feeling better than ever
  • Take control of your mental, emotional and physical health
  • Assert your boundaries and create new support systems
  • Reignite your passion for teaching
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3 ways The Energy By Design program can be delivered

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Option 1: Community Program 

This program is suited to individuals, small groups, and the general public. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other educators and pick up insights and skills to reinvigorate your approach to teaching.

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Option 2: School-based Program

This program runs within your school for a minimum of 25 staff members. This is a fantastic opportunity for staff to connect, share, and learn healthy new habits together.

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Option 3: Tailored Staff Wellbeing Program 

This program is designed to recognise the unique needs of your school staff. OME will co-create a staff wellbeing program that fits within your broader staff wellbeing strategy, including onsite meetings and presentations. 


Expert Conversations

Each delivery option includes access to a conversation series with experts in helping humans feel good and live better.

Wendy Ashley-Cooper

Stop The Noise

Wendy is a highly respected educational leader and visionary. With experience as a Head of School, a Deputy Principal, and an Assistant Principal at a number of Australian schools, she has plenty of insights to offer from working directly with teachers and students around the country.  


Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Taming Digital Distractions

Dr. Kristy is a researcher, speaker, author, and former teacher who left the classroom to pursue a career helping professionals and parents tame their tech habits. She has spent more than 15 years studying how our brains process information in our culture of overstimulation and assuring audiences and clients that taking a break doesn’t have to mean breaking up with their devices. 


Cass Dunn

Crappy To Happy

Cass Dunn is a clinical and coaching psychologist and mindfulness teacher who coaches patients and students in the art of happiness. She’s also an author and podcaster whose insights have filled up three books and four seasons of well-loved audio content.



The Neurobiology of change

Dr. Sarah is an Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, educator, presenter, media commentator, author, and director of The Neuroscience Academy. She teaches coaches, therapists, teachers, and professionals how to make the latest neuroscience insights work for them and their businesses.




Dr. Jodi is a speaker, author, and educator with a powerful philosophy on anxiety, and as a former classroom teacher, she knows a few things about coming back from exhaustion. Her mission is to show anxious people everywhere that uncomfortable thoughts and feelings don’t have to hold them back from experiencing all that life has to offer.




Jennifer Kemp is a clinical psychologist, author, trainer, and international presenter who has helped countless clients through debilitating mental and physical health challenges. She focuses on creating positive change through acceptance, flexibility, self-compassion, and action.




Cassandra Irvin is the Functional Medicine Practitioner behind the New South Wales business Elements of Health & Wellness. She helps her clients to create a healthy, happy, balanced body through nutrition, physical activity, and natural medicines.




Chelsea Brice is a personal stylist, makeup artist, and founder of Chelsea Brice Style, a thriving business built on making clients look and feel fabulous. She works with men and women who are ready to invest in themselves, and partners with several major fashion and beauty brands including ghd, Uni Hill Factory Outlets, and Westfield.




Dr Travis Kemp is an organisational psychologist, author, educator, and company director who coaches top executives in the principles of behavioural science. Travis teaches, presents and publishes widely in the fields of Applied Psychology, Leadership and Education.


Here’s how it all

breaks down…

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Right now, you might be living in a state of default, doing the things that feel good in the moment - but positive change begins with a decision to design your life differently. In this module, we’ll go back to basics and discover the vital difference between the default and design models.




If we want things to change, we have to change our behaviour - and in this module, you’ll learn how to do just that. We’ll discuss the importance of being compassionate towards yourself, getting enough sleep, and establishing a morning and evening routine.  




Pressure can be a positive force, driving you to get things done and make progress - but only if you know how to handle it. In this module, you’ll learn about managing expectations, understanding and curbing procrastination, and the physiological magic of movement.




True nourishment goes beyond what you eat on playground duty. It encompasses everything from your environment to what you’re paying attention to each day - and in this module, you’ll learn how to shift towards thinking, feeling, and behaving in a way that aligns with your core values and deep desires.

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Through the magic of conscious life and energy design, you can create space for the small things that trigger joy. In this bonus module, we’ll cover strategies for incorporating joy into your life so that you can better surf the waves of life.

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get Access to

Exclusive Bonus

Weekly Live Coaching Calls 

These calls are your opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately and learn from what other teachers are doing.

If during the course you find yourself feeling lost or struggling to implement the changes you need to make, these calls will help you reset and get the full benefit of each lesson. 

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24/7 access to our online community in Kajabi

Online education just wouldn’t be the same without a supportive group learning environment! Inside our private community, you’ll connect with other teachers and get the support you need to rediscover your energy and passion.

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Energy by Design works hand in hand with your school’s staff wellbeing strategy.

Here’s the lowdown on how the different approaches work:

Online Course Materials, Videos and Handouts
Wellbeing Expert Conversation Series
Online Private Community Space
Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls
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what the classroom would be like if…

  • You had enough energy to switch out of survival mode and thrive 
  • You could meet the needs of each student with enthusiasm
  • You came to school each morning feeling well-rested and ready to take on a brand new day

Now let’s design your new reality.

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Hi! I’m Meg.

I’m a Wellbeing educator, founder of Open Mind Education, and passionate life designer. I’m on a mission to create a ripple effect of joy, helping teachers escape the burnout spiral and learn how to design their lives for more energy. When I’m not spending quality time with my husband and two young sons, you can find me soaking up new life lessons from a podcast.


B.Phys Ed, M. Ed (Student Wellbeing), CIPP

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Join Energy By Design today and get…

The FULL Energy By Design Program

You'll get access to all 4 online modules, including videos, handouts, and interviews with amazing special guests, and everything you need to take control of your life and your energy levels.

PLUS... Exclusive Bonus

The Private Energy By Design Online Community

This group of passionate educators have been through burnout and come out the other side. 

When you’ve got questions that no textbook can answer, this is the place to be!


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of more than $3,975. 
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