Let’s put theory into practice

The best lessons start with action

Burnout is forcing teachers out of the classroom in droves, but you don’t have to be one of them. If you really want to develop healthy boundaries that allow you to meet your own needs as well as the needs of your students, there has never been a better time to take action – for yourself and everyone else in your classroom.

After 14 years of teaching, training and testing my own limits, I learned an important lesson of my own:

wellbeing is a series of decisions made and acted upon. Now, I work with students and educators from a wide range of backgrounds, giving them the tools to move beyond burnout and exhaustion without breaking down. Each of my lesson plans is based on extensive research, tested in real classrooms, and broken down into a series of simple, actionable steps. 

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Energy By Design is our signature wellbeing program for teachers who want a space to connect, share, laugh and learn with others that want to reclaim their spark.

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Thrive By Design is a workplace wellbeing program designed to engage, excite and empower staff to feel good, function well and relate better.

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Impact By Design is an experience designed to empower students with the skills, strategies and support to authentically lead themselves and others.

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Meg offers a range of wellbeing presentations and workshops that are designed to energise, excite and empower audiences to take the next step on their wellbeing journey.

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Wellbeing Coaching

Meg works with a small number of coaching clients that are committed to improving their wellbeing.

Energy By Design was a game-changer. It made me reflect on how I was currently living my life, and how I actually wanted to be living it. Meg inspired me to bring awareness to my choices and make small, achievable changes that had an incredibly positive impact not only on my life but for those around me. I came away from the course feeling able to make better decisions, more confident in myself and best of all, more energised. Meg was kind and compassionate, and her approach to wellbeing just made sense. The course was relatable, practical and based in psychology and neuroscience, with a good dose of warm humour too. There aren't too many experiences that have such a positive impact on your life, but for me completing Energy By Design was formative.

- Alice Goudie

Occasionally in our lives as teachers, we have the opportunity to step out of our own classrooms and watch great teaching in action. It really is poetry in motion when a group of students sit captivated and engaged, lapping up each word from their teacher. I have witnessed Meg Durham do just this as she opens the minds of young people to the potential they have to think in healthy and productive ways - ways that will influence and guide the way they respond and react to what life throws at them. As staff, we have been infected with her enthusiasm for the wellbeing of not only ourselves but our students as well.



I did Energy By Design at a time when I felt overwhelmed and that I was running around in circles and unable to catch my breath. The course provided me with the knowledge and practical tools that I now implement every day. My days are still busy but purposeful and full of meaningful connection. I would highly recommend Energy By Design to anyone wanting to reset and take stock. Look forward to starting afresh and feeling more in control, positive, able to juggle and adapt when things don’t go to plan.

- Stephanie Davis