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By wpengine | November 16, 2017 |

I was fortunate enough to work alongside Meg for several years and cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, her positive attitude, her broad-ranging knowledge of and passion for education and wellbeing issues, her commitment to sharing this knowledge and passion with other educators and, above all, her ability to work effectively with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, young and old alike. Students and teachers who have the opportunity to work with Meg should jump at the chance.


French Teacher, Methodist Ladies College

Meg is exceptionally passionate about wellbeing. Her depth of knowledge is matched only by her vibrant and engaging style!

- Ms Tonia Gloudemans,

Head of Senior Years The Glennie School

Energy By Design was a game-changer. It made me reflect on how I was currently living my life, and how I actually wanted to be living it. Meg inspired me to bring awareness to my choices and make small, achievable changes that had an incredibly positive impact not only on my life but for those around me. I came away from the course feeling able to make better decisions, more confident in myself and best of all, more energised. Meg was kind and compassionate, and her approach to wellbeing just made sense. The course was relatable, practical and based in psychology and neuroscience, with a good dose of warm humour too. There aren't too many experiences that have such a positive impact on your life, but for me completing Energy By Design was formative.

- Alice Goudie

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