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thrive by design: A Proactive Approach to wellbeing


OPTION 1: keynote

Potent and practical wellbeing education - distilled into one value-packed hour.

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OPTION 2: interactive presentation

Teachers have the power to change lives — and in just 2 hours, I can change theirs with practical, fun, laser-focused wellbeing strategies they can take into their lives and the classroom.

Option 3: HALF-DAY workshop

An interactive half-day workshop, packed with practical activities. Give your teachers a space to connect, laugh and share experiences, with tangible wellbeing strategies to help them reclaim their energy, spark and confidence.


Meg presented at our Staff Wellbeing Professional Learning Day.

“Having listened to Meg’s podcast and connecting with her, I was excited for our staff to hear Meg’s wisdom and strategies on how we can all look after ourselves, and she did not disappoint. From the get go, Meg connected magnetically with our staff and her sense of humour, wit and ability to understand exactly what we are feeling and experiencing was not only a wake up call but refreshing. Meg cut through the nonsense and gave us practical strategies on how we can better our wellbeing in small steps. In just 1 hour, Meg was able to challenge our thinking and help us to reflect on the why’s and how’s of personal wellbeing and many of our staff walked away already setting personal and collective goals.”

- Liana Colaluca

Head of Students, Catholic Ladies College


We opened our school year with Meg as our guest speaker.

“Staff Wellbeing is a focus for us as it is for most organisations. I did not want the advice around staff wellbeing to be about tokenistic gestures, but rather being led to understand how we can care for ourselves and what stops us from not doing this, even though most of us know what we should be doing. Meg was brilliant at challenging our habits of thinking or the default position we go to which prevents us from moving forward. Personally, I felt that she had almost read me (and my excuses) in a context which was so human and understanding. Others felt the same way. Her presentation was humorous, backed by solid research, and had a powerful impact on the staff. This week as we automatically started to say and do our usual things and go into our usual habits, I have heard people pull themselves up and laughingly quote her to challenge themselves and each other to move to more positive, productive and less toxic habits and behaviours.

- Marise McConaghy

Principal, Strathcona Girls Grammar School


Meg presented to 70 of our primary school staff, initiating a staff wellbeing strategy.

"Her ability to provide critical information and facts regarding the topic of wellbeing, through engaging narrative and in a relatable way, is outstanding. Her presentation was dynamic; moving staff through light hearted ownership of our strengths and challenges, into the critical importance of the impact healthy wellbeing practices can have on our personal, professional and relational selves. As a school principal seeking to initiate a whole of staff strategy, I couldn't have asked for the initial presentation to go better."

- Glen Bucklar

Principal, Siena Catholic Primary School