Ep 25: Emotional Balance

Learn to understand your emotions from stress management expert Corey Jackson, as he shares how to live a more productive and content life. In this fascinating episode, Meg and Corey discuss the important topic of emotional intelligence; what emotions are, how they impact our daily lives and what we can do to manage them for better wellbeing.

So what’s this episode really about?

  • Discovering how our emotions are a response to situations and what to do with that information.
  • How to develop emotional literacy, an awareness of our emotions, and the ability to redirect negative feelings towards something productive.
  • Understanding what happens when our attention is captured by emotions and what we can do about it.

Why you should listen

Educators, managers, parents, and coaches will love this episode! You’ll learn how emotions affect people differently, the impact emotions can have on our mental state, and how to understand peoples’ emotional responses. And you’ll learn how to use this knowledge to respond more productively and constructively. Corey also explains how we can focus our attention to create greater awareness and emotional literacy. Leave this conversation with a better understanding of cultivating healthy relationships and overall happiness for yourself and those around you.

Actionable Skills

  • Begin to notice your emotions to start creating awareness.
  • When you feel negative emotions rising, pause to consider what is triggering this response and respond constructively.
  • Before reacting to a situation, consider whether your emotional response serves your short-term or long-term goals. Always aim for responses that help long-term goals.

You can quote us on that…

“How controlled my attention is dictates how in control I am of what I say and do while the emotions are rising.”

Corey Jackson

“When you think about what emotions do, one of their functions is to signal to ourselves, and also to others, that something is happening.”

Corey Jackson

 “You could have really good emotional literacy and really understand emotions, but if you’re not noticing them as they arise, you’re not probably going to be moving forward and making productive choices to take you to a more aligned place.”

Meg Durham


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