Ep 61: Sweet Poison: The Addictive Nature of Sugar

What is your relationship like with sugar?

Get ready for an episode that will change the way you look at your eating, exercise and wellbeing habits. In this week’s episode, David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison, chats with Meg Durham about the surprising dangers of sugar and its addictive nature.

In a diet culture that tells us to eat less fat and eat more of this or that in order to lose weight, we’ve numbed ourselves to the science-backed knowledge that sugar is the most significant problem humans face. If you’re after better energy, happiness and health, consuming less sugar could be your solution.

David shares precisely why the food industry tries to hide this information from you and continues loading processed foods with hidden sugar. You’ll walk away from this conversation with the motivation to reduce sugar intake and practical ways to enjoy food without sugar.

In this conversation we discuss

▫️ Our constantly expanding waistlines.

▫️ The addictive nature of sugar.

▫️ The prevalence of sugar in processed food.

▫️ And so much more…

You can quote us on that…

“The longer you are off sugar, the more capable you are of tasting the difference – to the point where you can smell it once you’re off it.”

David Gillespie

“If it tastes sweet, don’t put it in your mouth. End of story.”

David Gillespie

It wasn’t actually table sugar that was making people fat. It was half of the table sugar: the fructose half of table sugar.”

David Gillespie


David Gillespie – Website | Facebook

Continue the Journey

David’s book is ‘‘Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat” and is available online and in store now.

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