Ep 19 The Skilled Helper

Learn how to become a ‘skilled helper’ from the respected psychologist, Dr Travis Kemp, to take better care of yourself for a happier life. In this powerful episode, Meg chats to Dr Travis about how easy it is to get caught in a cycle of constantly helping others at the expense of your wellbeing.

So what’s this episode really about?

  • Recognising when helping others is detrimental to your sustainability and wellbeing.
  • How allowing ourselves and others to experience discomfort and difficulty provides an ideal space for learning, growth and developing resilience.
  • How to work more sustainably and live well by becoming a ‘skilled helper.’

Why you should listen

People pleasers, listen up! It’s natural to want to help others. But sometimes, helping others round the clock can be at the cost of your own wellbeing. Meg and Dr Travis break down how to recognise if this is something you do, providing ways to become more aware of your habits. The episode covers when it’s okay to pull back from helping others and how the people in your life will actually benefit from you doing so. Meg and Dr Travis will show you why it’s a true win for everyone involved, including yourself, for better sustainability and wellbeing.

Helpful Strategies

  • Identify when being helpful to someone else is detrimental to your wellbeing. 
  • Work on learning to live with some discomfort and recognising when it’s not your place to fix something for someone else.
  • Give yourself permission to not be at your best every single day.

You can quote us on that…

“Rest is vitally important to us as helpers, but it’s violently resisted.”

Dr Travis Kemp

“There are times when it’s not the best thing to be helping somebody who’s suffering.”

Dr Travis Kemp

“If you want to be sustainable in terms of your own wellbeing and health and contribution over time, you do need to hold bits back, you need to invest in maintaining self to be able to continue to give.”

Dr Travis Kemp


Dr Travis Kemp – LinkedIn | ICCP

Meg Durham – Instagram | LinkedIn | Energy By Design

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